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xp-dev.com screenshot

Enterprise grade Subversion, Git & Mercurial Hosting with integrated agile project management and bug tracking tools.

Features include hosting for Subversion, Git & Mercurial repositories, with generous amounts of space. Includes Trac hosting for bug/issue tracking, and even an agile project management tool for agile team members to collaborate with each other.


deployer.vc screenshot

Deploy your app from any Git, Mercurial or Subversion repository to any server over SSH, SFTP, FTP or SCP.

You get your own personal deployment site, that comes along with user management so that you can permission other people in your team and organisation to make deployments.

Achieve all of this using our simple, intuitive interface.


backups.vc screenshot

Backups.vc is a backup solution for Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories hosted on the cloud.

Seamlessly integrates with existing repository hosting providers.


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Zoned.io is a managed DNS hosting service with a simple, intuitive administration panel.

Great uptime without breaking the bank account.

Mobius Hosting

mobiushosting.net screenshot

Mobius Hosting is a service that offers reliable and cost effective Web & Email Hosting. Packed with tons of features, including PHP support, MySQL, DNS and much more. Emphasis is on data integrity and performance.

Hosting control panel is based on cPanel, and servers are ensured that they are not over-loaded.

Xtreme VPS

xtremevps.net screenshot

Xtreme VPS is a Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) that actually cares about performance and does not break the piggy bank.

Performance is achieved by going as close to the hardware as possible, while ensuring that there is no overselling of disk and memory. All of this is delivered at a reasonable cost.


nip.io screenshot

Nip.io is a dead simple (free) wildcard DNS for any IP Address.

It allows you to map any IP Address in from DNS wildcard entries. For example, app. maps to